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Mixed Dozens

Each month we curate a mixed and themed 12 bottles of wine and offer them at a hyper-discounted rate! Always ending on the magic number of $250 per dozen. Unlike so many other mixed dozens in the market, our dozens are not a collection of unknown labels and bin end products, rather they are carefully selected from the world's best producers and always represent a benchmark for their variety of regional style.

There will be a new mixed dozen every month and you may wish to choose to have them delivered to your door once a month or quarterly.

Please note that the following packs contains one bottle of each wine and that they can all be purchased individually (less 15% in mixed or straight dozens).

Astrolabe Mixed Six Pack

Original Price: $145.00
Sale Price: $135.00

Astrolabe is a family winery, owned and run by Simon Waghorn, the winemaker, and his wife Jane. The Astrolabe Farm Vineyard, which first produced wine in 1997, is in the lower Wairau Valley near Grovetown. Simon and Jane source additional grapes from dedicated growers in unique Marlborough sites to add layers of complexity to their wines. Astrolabe also produce amazing single vineyard wines which are a serious step up in quality and power.

Steve's Choice Exceptional Value Mixed Dozen

Original Price: $285.00
Sale Price: $235.00

Exceptional Value Mixed Dozen 2018
Here is a personally chosen dozen from wines that are always in store. They are a fantastic representation of their style, while also showing that awesome wine, in a mixture of imported and Australian, can be had at this price point.

Essendon Autum Mixed Dozen 2018

Original Price: $430.00
Sale Price: $375.00

Essendon Autum Mixed Dozen 2018