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Bridge Road Mayday Hills Yee Hah! Brett Pale Ale 330ml

Introducing Mayday Hills…
Mayday hills is a farmhouse beer project from Bridge Road Brewers. These beers are fermented in traditional wooden foedar tanks and reflect our township and the surrounding region. Mayday Hills.

Mayday Hills is a project inspired by a range of influences and experiences from around the globe and at home. Initially from wine and wine making 15 years ago, then through the exposure to sour and wild beer and barrel aging programs of Belgium, and further through new practices in the US craft beer industry and our own experimentation at Bridge Road Brewers.

Mayday hills aims to combine these experiences with local ingredients and influences in the creation of new and unique beer from our brewery in Beechworth.

The first release..
The first release in the range is Yee- Hah.
Yee-Hah is an 100% Brettanomyces Pale Ale fermented in American Oak Foedar.

The beer itself isn’t what most people expect to find in a Brett beer, i.e. it isn’t goaty, horsey, or at all like any other farm animals or body parts that require the attention of a bar of soap. We’ve focussed on producing a clean beer that showcases the profile that Brett creates when in the right conditions. In this our first attempt the yeast produced big tropical and fruit esters, much like those from many Belgian strains. The texture of the beer is also typical of 100% Brett beers, that is thick almost creamy with a broad/fat mouthfeel. The beer is also quite hoppy, so it’s hard to pick where the ester and hop aromas start and finish.
That said the beer is crisp and clean, there’s influence and flavour from the oak fermenter, and also a touch of funk more typical of Brett particularly in the bottle conditioned beer.
6% ABV

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